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Neat 4 Shopping is a modern, but simple to use UK based shopping guide, listing over 1,500,000 products aimed at a UK online shopping market, covering over 1,000 retailers, built and managed by me, Tom Martin. I am your administrator and designer and I've built and shaped the website. I am not driven by corporations telling me what to do and I do not have any retailers dictating that I can only use certain products and I don't have to worry about intrusive promotions or anything like that, I get to hand pick which retailers I display on this site and which products and brands I promote. I have chosen carefully which companies I feel are worth working with and which brands offer great quality. So why am I bothering you may ask? There are loads of comparison websites, loads of voucher and discount websites and loads of this shop front type of website about. Firstly, yes, the site does form part of my income and I do gain a small commission for any purchases that originate from this website, through the many retailers I am assosiated with, which is only natural, after all, we all need to keep a roof over our heads and put food on the table. But.. To put it simply, I wanted to offer something less complicated, a guide that is really easy to use, not driven purely by profit and to provide a place where people could come, have a look around, find a massive variety of quality products from hand picked retailers that I have taken every effort to ensure meet a high level of trustworthiness and so that people would not be pointed purely at the retailer that offered the most profit to make sure their products always appeared at the top of the page.

I have over 20 years of retail, coding, customer and marketing experience and I have been involved with a variety of big branded household name companies. I have built various corporate and fun websites over the years, but normally to their specifications, therefore building this site for myself, I knew it would be purely for everyone visiting and that was/is key for me.

I do provide a select few discount codes and special offers to ensure that the very best prices are available, wherever possible. But I do not want to be associated with a lot of websites that I would consider cut throat, sites that are pure profit driven and don't care what product or retailer it is, so long as they get their cut, especially with a lot of websites, tricking people into clicking on links to access their voucher codes, which are often not even valid, but simply so they can steal the sale away from some other site. I want this site to be simpler and trustworthy and without any of these profit driven techniques.

The Neat 4 Shopping website itself is an ongoing project, being regularly improved upon and I am always looking to see how I can make it more user friendly and easier to find products, but it is based on a shop model I have used on a few other websites, it offers a small element of comparison between retailers, when the odd product is offered by more than one retailer, but is not dependent upon that, which is why the search bar is so prominent, so you can find the products you want directly, although I would always ask you to be a little patient when searching, as it can take a little while to find all the results. I also feature heavily Amazon on all product pages, as Amazon often offers really good prices and value and having shopped at Amazon many times myself, I know and trust that their customer support system is almost always the best there is, this makes me feel very happy to give Amazon a lot of coverage.

I hope you will enjoy using Neat 4 Shopping when looking for purchases and if there is something you feel could be better, or that is missing, please let me know and I will look into it and I also hope you will return to the site regularly, to see the improvements I put in place to make Neat 4 Shopping even better.

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